Evangelion Mouse Pad-Rei Ayanami With Unit 08 Mouse Pad


Stylish and beautifully crafted Evangelion mousepads with printed graphics on the entire surface. The best combination of appearance and functionality.

Evangelion Merch: Rei Ayanami With Unit 08 Mouse Pad
Evangelion Mouse Pad-Rei Ayanami With Unit 08 Mouse Pad $34.00$50.00

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Our mouse pads are among our signature product lines and are favored by many customers. It is made-to-order and handcrafted to ensure the highest quality standards but is still affordable.

  • 5 sizes are availables
  • Anti-slip rubber base: Natural rubber textured underside stays stable. It also comes with a texture that enhances this ability even further. A gaming mouse pad that will rest firmly on your desk even during the most intense gaming session.
  • The custom area is Single-sided printing.

All of our products are designed by the creative designers at Evangelion Fans. Make sure you are buying from evangelionmerch.store so that you receive authentic products!


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